4 Signs You Should Cater Instead of Cook

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The word “party” should bring up images of contagious laughter and glorious fun. But when you end up doing all the planning, cooking and cleaning yourself it has a way of diminishing that fun factor of hosting a party. If you are contemplating whether you should cater or cook, check out these four signs to help you decide the direction of your next get together.

1. The idea of cooking for a crowd stresses you out 

One moment you are interrupted by someone asking if there’s extra ice and the next moment, before you can even take a bite of your burger, you are asked to help monitor the cake baking in the oven. It’s no secret food is the foundation for any successful event. After one taste guests are found talking about their favorite dish all evening. There’s pressure when it comes to satisfying the preferences of diverse palates. If the idea of cooking for a crowd stresses you out, invite Cohost Catering to handle the volume and requests of your guests. 

2. You would rather spend your time catching up with your guests

Cooking for an event is the quickest way to miss out on quality time with your guests. Sure, they might appreciate your efforts to exhaust yourself in the kitchen preparing a perfect meal, but they will mainly be missing out on you. When you make the decision to cater instead of cook, you are saying yes to making lasting memories with the special people surrounding you. 

3. You want to make a statement

The best way to signal to your guests that you are hosting an important occasion is to have it catered. The attention to detail and excellent service you give to a party, anniversary or business function through catering makes an unforgettable impression on your guests. Add that special touch to your event with delicious food customized to satisfy your guests. 

4. Creating a versatile menu isn’t your specialty  

Do people ever confuse you with a famous chef? You may have mastered your mama's meatloaf, but that’s where your cookbook ends. When you leave the catering to Cohost Catering, we can ensure a classy event with impeccable meal selections.  If you are wanting BBQ, Italian or anything in between, Cohost catering is prepared to accommodate appetites of all shapes and sizes.   

Turning over your party planning to a professional can remove the stress out of your next Dallas event. Contact Cohost Catering to begin the party planning today.