Cohost Teams Up With Ferris Wheeler’s Backyard and BBQ

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The barbecue gods live in the clouds of smoke that surround every grill and smoker, and they watch over each piece of meat that is cooked over coals or wood.  They swirl around, seeing that none of the sacred elements falls out of their favor: the cut of meat, the rub, the amount of smoke and the amount of time.  Should one of these elements falter, the gods render the meat unfit for human consumption.  But, if these elements are tended to carefully, they smile upon the cut, and bless it with flavor and texture. All of the love that has been put into its creation can be felt by the one lucky enough to taste the BBQ.  

If you wish to taste brisket, ribs, sausage, pork or turkey blessed by the gods, then let us introduce you to our friends at Ferris Wheeler’s Backyard and BBQ.  Their prowess is not limited to only meat. They also have wonderful side dishes to round out your meal.  BBQ green beans, jalapeno bacon coleslaw, tempura fried okra, and their own special version of macaroni and cheese. 

Located at 1950 Market Center Boulevard, Ferris Wheeler’s boasts an enormous patio, craft cocktails, local beers, and an actual Ferris Wheel!  

But of course, you’re probably here because you can’t make it to the restaurant, so we are proud to announce that Cohost can bring the experience to you (minus the ferris wheel, sorry). We've partnered to host exciting corporate lunches and a restaurant industry Christmas party.  Ferris Wheeler's is an excellent fit for family gatherings, fundraisers, tailgates and even that special date night!  Check out their menu by pressing here