Meet Your Cohosts - Fadi's!

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Since Covid-19 hit and almost 100% of our events were cancelled, we've been featuring our staff and restaurants daily in our Instagram stories in a series called Meet Your Cohosts. It's been so fun learning MORE about the people that make Cohost great. And for our restaurants, it's the least we can do to support them in this extremely challenging season. It occurred to me, however, that I should be writing about them in our blog as well since stories are temporary and this will give something lasting to review and since well, our blog needs some love.

Today we featured Fadi's Mediterranean, who has been a partner of ours since 2011. A Mediterranean staple with multiple locations in Dallas and other parts of Texas. We first approached them because we heard from friends that their food was the best, and we agreed upon our first visit.

Their food is perfect for those looking for healthy and delicious cuisine. There are a lot of gluten free and vegetarian options, and we've served their cuisine at corporate lunches, dinner parties and weddings.

They are open for pickup, delivery and dine-in, and they have a new mobile app where you can order ahead.

Check out catering options here.

We can't wait to see Fadi's at your event!