This Week's Top Events

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Our favorite events this week!

Backyard house party planned by Andie Jackson, menu by The Slow Bone, staffing by Cohost.

Shane’s wedding at Commerce Event Center, menu by Pecan Lodge, planner Lisa Vorwek with 2616 Commerce Event Center, staffing by Cohost.

Kristin’s wedding at Carrollton Arts Plaza, custom menu by bbbop, staffing by Cohost.

Incarnation Academy at Church of the Incarnation, menu by The Porch, staffing by Cohost.

Corporate event at Community Beer Company, menu by The Slow Bone, Whole Foods, and The Porch.

Switch Concert for the Cherish Uganda Charity, food donated by 18th & Vine, planning donated by CCB Events, staffing volunteered by Cohost. Special thanks to all Cohost team members who volunteered their time to make the event a success!!