Why This Backyard BBQ Was a Big Hit

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Something magical happens when hearty, hand-cut meats smothered in BBQ sauce mingle with the rich flavors of bourbon. Cohost Catering had the pleasure of catering a BBQ and Bourbon tasting for a distinguished Dallas resident. A combination of relaxation, food, and fun is the ultimate recipe for an entertaining backyard experience and that's exactly why we are sharing the secret ingredients for making your next backyard BBQ a big hit.

Set The Scene

Ambiance and presentation are major influencers in the success of your backyard BBQ. Provide ample space for those who want to lounge around, gather around a hightop and share the latest news, or even escape the summer heat and dwell indoors. Beautiful floral arrangements add a splash of color to your decor.

Call The Caterer 

A big bash needs the most reliable, friendly catering. Cohost Catering removes the hassle from hosting by doing all the meal planning, preparation and cleanup for you. We focus on the food while you focus on your friends and family. This particular BBQ and Bourbon tasting was one to remember thanks to The Hospitality Sweet, Dive Coastal Cuisine, Pop Star Handcrafted Popsicles, The Slow Bone, 18th & Vine, The Little Pie Kitchen, Lockhart Smokehouse, Cattleback BBQ, Howard & Sons Ice Company.

Send The Invites

We all know a party is only as good as the people present. Creating a themed backyard BBQ like this resident did is sure to grab your friends’ attention and get them excited about the evening. Once the invites are sent, all you have to do is be ready to welcome them with a cheerful smile. With Cohost Catering managing the food, you get to spend more time connecting with your guests and less time behind the grill. 

Need help transforming your party into one to remember? Give Cohost Catering a call.