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Graduation Celebrations!

Spring has sprung! Warmer weather is here, bluebonnets are in full bloom, and Graduation season is upon us! If a graduation celebration is in your future, check out our favorite suggestions for inspired ideas your grad and your guests will love!

Scenario 1. Your grad is celebrating 4 successful years at Texas A&M and plans to someday open a nursery with their new degree in horticulture.
How do we celebrate? Garden Party. Edible flowers (literally everywhere). Refreshing and colorful signature cocktails. A light, bright and fresh menu. Display your tasty bites on some crisp, white linen stoneware for an organic, natural feel and let the colors pop off the plate! Take a peek at our bar packages and signature cocktails.

Scenario 2. Your grad is heading off to college (*silent tears of joy) out of state!
How do we Celebrate? After this summer they'll have to go a few months without the crave-able, authentic tastes of home. You guessed it! BBQ & Tex Mex. One or the other.... or a happy marriage of both! Because you can. (And, frankly, we think you should.) Check out our menu collection and let the Tex Mex/BBQ debate begin!
*Don't forget parents are celebrating too. Feature a frozen margarita on your bar menu- the lime and salt on top of a perfect day.

Scenario 3. Your grad is ready to see it all! Travel is on the horizon over their gap year.
How do we celebrate? While you wish you could be there with them to experience it all, you can still share some "core memories" before takeoff! Food stations featuring global cuisines, fun decor inspired by travel hot-spots and some themed photo ops would make an amazing congratulatory send off! Opt for a caterer who can create the perfect fusion-inspired menu. Featuring dishes like Teriyaki Shrimp Stix from Red Stix, Taquito Bites & Poke Nachos from Dora Lane, a pizza station from Greenville Ave. Pizza Co, and Kabobs from Cafe Izmir..... Enter Cohost.

Regardless of how you plan to recognize the grad in your life, remember these 2 important things:

1. Personalize

Every grad is special and unique- no two are exactly alike. (Like snowflakes and brisket recipes.) Making their celebration a reflection of their accomplishments, interests, goals and personalities is the perfect opportunity to honor their hard work and dedication. It's also a fun way for your guests to connect with the man or woman of the hour. Bonus points: these elements make for awesome conversation starters!

2. Cater

*I know this is an obvious suggestion, given the source, but seriously. Just ask anyone who's ever hosted a catered party these questions:
1. Do you regret not having to cook?
2. Do you regret not having to clean up?
3. Are you a little bummed that you got to socialize, enjoy your guests, sit down and eat a plate of (still hot) food, and probably even enjoy a cocktail?
(optional) 4. Do you regret not running out of ice?
We're pretty confident the answers to all of these tough questions will be - Nope!
So cater. No regrets!

Food for Thought:

Did you know you can add personalized, disposable drink ware to any of our packages? The options are limitless.
If you're hosting an outdoor event in Texas in summer.... may we suggest outdoor cooling elements. Like these misting fans. *and don't forget that frozen drink machine.
Celebratory desserts aren't limited to sheet cake! Don't forget about chocolates bonbons from CocoAndre, custom cookies from our friend Cookies by Chrysta, and mini pies from Uncle Willies! Gelato la Boca's traveling cart or a liquid nitrogen ice cream station by Yelli Belli Chocolates are a definite wow-factor!

Congrats to all our grads! Cheers to your years of perseverance and dedication. Big things are happening and the best is yet to come! Go get 'em!

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