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Women's History Month: Celebrating Our Fierce Female Partners!

In case you missed our weekly series on "the gram," this past month we spent some time honoring our women business partners, their incredible achievements and their respective journeys to success. Allow us to catch you up and introduce you to some of our favorite leading femmes!

1. Nikky Phinyawatana of Asian Mint

Meet Nikky, the owner of Asian Mint – a renowned and award-winning Dallas chain, offering delectable Asian fusion with a distinctive Thai twist! With nods from USA Today, Zagat, Dallas Observer, and D Magazine, Chef Nikky has crafted innovative Asian Fusion menus infused with love and passion. Beyond the kitchen, she's a philanthropic powerhouse, a Les Dames d’Escoffier International member, and a Board of Trustee member of the Texas Restaurant Association Education Foundation.

Needless to say, we are honored to have Chef Nikky and her beloved Asian Mint as our esteemed partner! 🌸🍜

View their menus.

Browse their website.

2. Chef Uno Immanivong of Red Stix

We're thrilled to shine a spotlight on our partner, Chef Uno Immanivong and her culinary success, Red Stix Asian Street Food! Born to Laotian parents in a refugee camp run by the United Nations Organization, Chef Uno carries her history in her name. Leaving Thailand, with dreams of a brighter future, Uno's childhood in America was shaped by her parents' relentless work ethic—juggling multiple jobs to make ends meet.

Despite a successful 16-year banking career, Uno's true passion, inspired by the flavors of her childhood, beckoned her. A chance audition on a reality cooking show with Anthony Bourdain opened doors to a culinary adventure. Breaking through her own hesitations, she followed her heart, leaving banking behind in 2013.

The result? The birth of Chino Chinatown, Red Stix Asian Street Food, and Chef Uno Brands. Uno's culinary expertise also graces television screens, showcasing her recipes and cooking prowess on ABC, EyeOpener TV, Fox, and The Cooking Channel.

We applaud you, Chef Uno Immanivong and the delectable creations of Red Stix Asian Street Food—an embodiment of resilience, flavor, and the triumph of dreams. 🌟🍜

View their menus.

Browse their website.

3. Elizabeth Plimmer-Fernandez of The Tamale Company

Elizabeth, alongside her husband Israel and father Richard, Founded The Tamale Company in 2008. They sought simplicity in their brand and found a beautiful opportunity in tamales.

👩‍🍳 Elizabeth's passion for food branding and networking, coupled with her culinary skills, talent and drive, have played a pivotal role in shaping the success of their business. Today, The Tamale Co. has grown from various DFW stores to nationwide acclaim. From supplying restaurants and hotels across the U.S. to participating in fundraisers, farmers markets, and catering, they've become a symbol of quality, tradition, and innovation. As we celebrate Women's History Month, join us in honoring Elizabeth and the legacy she and her team are building- one delicious tamale at a time. 🌶️🎉

View their menus. Browse their website.

4. Chef Franchesca Nor of Dive Coastal Cuisine

We are proud to commemorate almost 15 years of culinary excellence in the tenacious journey of Franchesca Nor and her longstanding restaurant, Dive Coastal Cuisine!

Originally from Southern California, Franchesca led a diverse career spanning across the vibrant kitchens of Miami to immersive experiences in the European culinary and hospitality realms. She took on many multifaceted roles, from waitressing and interning with chefs to managing backstage concessions at music festivals and operating restaurants.

Dive Coastal Cuisine, established in 2010, reflects Franchesca's food odyssey, offering a delightful selection of seafood flavors influenced by her roots in San Diego and Miami. The restaurant is a testament to Nor's commitment to using locally sourced produce and prioritizing non-GMO, hormone-free ingredients.

We are elated to honor Franchesca Nor for her outstanding contributions to our industry. We take pride in our enduring partnership with her and her restaurant, and we applaud her resilience and innovative spirit. Join us in raising a toast to over a decade of flavorful creativity and unwavering perseverance. 🎉🍽️

View their menus. Browse their website. Take a look at what they're working on with 4Dwn.

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