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Holiday Menu $34.00/person*
  • Tomato & Goat Cheese Bruschetta (V)

  • Prosciutto Wrapped Dates (GS)

  • Mini Crab Cakes

  • Chicken Piccata

  • Braised Short Rib

  • Portobello Mushroom Alfredo (V)

  • Grilled Garden Veggies (GS, Vegan)

  • Oven Roasted Fingerling Potatoes (GS, Vegan)

  • Tiramisu (V)

* (not including sales tax, staffing or service charges) Although menu items marked GS do not have ingredients containing gluten and are cooked using dedicated kitchen utensils and trays, they are prepared in the same facility and ovens as menu items containing gluten. Cohost nor the restaurant cannot guarantee that these menu items are 100% free of gluten as there is always a possibility of trace amounts crossing over from other kitchen areas. Cohost has no control over the staff utilized by the restaurant in preparing your order and cannot guarantee that any or all of such staff are free of contagious illness that could be transmitted via food or beverage. Please be aware that consuming raw or undercooked meets, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness. Order at your own risk.
Service Options
  • Drop-off & Setup

    Food delivered in disposable foil pans and containers, staff sets up menu items, serving utensils, & custom menu labels. $150 minimum on weekdays, $200 minimum on weekends

  • Full Service

    Food delivered & set up in stainless steel roll-top chafers, stainless serving utensils, bowls, & platters, with custom menu labels. Staff sets up menu items, maintains stationary food throughout the event, buses, maintains general cleanliness and breaks down. $300 minimum.

  • Complex Specialty Events/Weddings

    Includes plated and family style meals and other events that require additional coordination.

  • Service Charge

    You will see this charge on your proposal and price varies based on service style and complexity of the event; this charge is not optional, and it is not the same as gratuity. This charge goes to Cohost to cover the cost of doing business including (but not limited to) the following: service equipment (including the following items if applicable – chafing dishes/platters/bowls/passing trays, beverage service equipment like dispensers, ice bins, ice scoops, etc), labor to gather all equipment, pans the food goes in for transport, holding equipment (hot boxes), serving utensils, labor/supplies to wash everything, labor to coordinate everything - including venue tours & phone conversations if applicable, labor for billing/follow up, credit card fees, and transportation equipment for normal service radius.

  • Gratuity

    We do not currently include gratuity in your bill because we consider gratuity to be a reward for exceptional service, and therefore we want it to be your choice if and how much you tip. If you do, you are welcome to bring cash for the lead to distribute, or there will an option for you to add a tip when you pay your final balance. Additionally we can add it to your confirmation if you need it for invoicing purposes, or we can create a separate invoice after the event of the amount you choose. Keep in mind that our staff will appreciate any gesture you choose.

  • Staffing

    At lunch a minimum of 4 hours, at dinner a minimum of 5 hours. Servers/bartenders/cooks/bussers, $45 per hour per staff. Managers and chefs, $55 per hour.

  • Travel Charge - $2.50 per mile

    Outside of a 10-mile radius from our office, roundtrip

  • Minimums

    We have a minimum guest count of 30 people. We require a minimum of 48 hour notice to accommodate catering orders. Some restaurants need more notice. We do have a few that are able to accommodate less notice, but it is dependent on availability and discretion of the restaurant and our logistics team.

  • Holidays

    All of these prices are subject to change based on holidays and demand.

  • Rush Pricing

    Your order may be subject to a rush order fee if we receive notice within 10 days.

  • Late Changes

    Your order may be subject to a late change fee for any changes within one week of your event.

  • Beverage Options

  • Classic Beverage Package - $2 per person

    Ice, straws, 16oz clear plastic cups, coke, diet coke, sprite, dr. pepper, unsweetened tea, water, sweeteners, lemons, beverage napkins

  • Premium Beverage Package - $3 per person

    Ice, straws, 16oz clear plastic cups, coke, diet coke, sprite, dr. pepper, still and sparkling bottled water, flavored sparkling water, lemons, limes

  • Classic Mixer Package - $3 per person

    Ice, straws, 9oz and 16oz clear plastic cups, water, coke, diet coke, sprite, cranberry juice, orange juice, tonic water, club soda, lemons and limes

  • Premium Mixer Package - $4 per person

    Ice, straws, 9oz and 16oz clear plastic cups, water, coke, diet coke, sprite, ginger beer, fresh squeezed orange juice, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, tonic water, club soda, olives, olive juice, cherries, grenadine, lemons, limes, oranges, simple syrup, fresh lime juice

  • Classic Coffee Station Package - $2 per person

    Regular coffee, decaf coffee available upon request, eco-friendly cups & lids, stir sticks, half & half and sweeteners

  • Premium Coffee Station Package- $3 per person

    Regular coffee, decaf coffee available upon request, eco-friendly cups & lids, stir sticks, half & half, cinnamon sticks, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, whipped cream, sweeteners

  • Hot Tea Station - $2 per person

    Hot water, tea packets, eco -friendly cups & lids, stir sticks, honey, lemons and sweeteners

  • Hot Chocolate Bar Package - $2 per person

    Hot chocolate, eco- friendly cups & lids, stir sticks, peppermint dust, mini marshmallow, whipped cream, caramel sauce

  • Morning Beverage Station - $2 per person

    9oz clear plastic cups, orange juice, grapefruit or apple juice, bottled water

  • Iced Tea and Lemonade by the Gallon - $10 per gallon

    Sweet tea, unsweetened tea and lemonade includes lemons, does not include cups or ice, serves 10 guests

  • Dinnerware Options

  • Eco-Friendly Disposable Dinnerware - $1.50 per person

    Casual eco-friendly plates, forks, knives, and napkins

  • Premium Disposable Dinnerware - $3 per person

    Clear plastic plates, silver-like forks & knives, black napkins

  • Bamboo Dinnerware - $4 per person

    Bamboo eco-friendly plates, forks, knives and napkins

  • China Dinnerware - pricing varies

    Plates, flatware, linen napkins, glassware through Cohost Rentals

  • Extras

  • Disposable Chafers - $15 each

    Wire racks, sternos, water pans

  • Real Chafers - $25 each

    Stainless steel chafing dishes, sternos, only applicable for drop-off service, included if there is a staff member staying

  • Tables/Chairs/Linens - pricing varies

    Coordinated through Cohost Rentals

* (not including sales tax, staffing or service charges)
Make A Custom Menu
  • Contact us directly to create a custom menu!