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Menu One $19.00/person*
  • Hummus

    with Pita Chips

  • Mediterranean Chopped Salad

    Mixed Greens, Tomato & Cucumber, Couscous, Olives, Feta Cheese, & Pita Chip Crumbles

  • Chicken Roti

    Fire Roasted Chicken Seasoned with Roti's Signature Mediterranean Spices

  • Spicy Lamb Meatballs

    Spicy Lamb, Red Quinoa, Parmesan, & Fresh Herbs

  • Falafel

    Organic Chickpeas, Garlic, Parsley, & Cilantro

  • Roti Rice

  • Seasonal Side

* (not including sales tax, staffing or service charges) Although menu items marked GF do not have ingredients containing gluten and are cooked using dedicated kitchen utensils and trays, they are prepared in the same facility and ovens as menu items containing gluten. Cohost nor the restaurant cannot guarantee that these menu items are 100% free of gluten as there is always a possibility of trace amounts crossing over from other kitchen areas.
Service Options
  • Minimums

    We have a minimum guest count of 15 people. We require a minimum of 48 hour notice to accommodate catering orders. Some restaurants need more notice. We do have a few that are able to accommodate less notice, but it is dependent on availability and discretion of the restaurant and our logistics team.

  • Drop-off & Setup - $2 per person plus chafers

    Food delivered in disposable foil pans and containers, staff sets up menu items, serving utensils, & custom menu labels. $75 minimum on weekdays, $100 minimum on weekends

  • Drop-off, Setup, Return - $3 per person plus chafers

    Food delivered & set up in stainless steel roll-top chafers (additional charge for chafers), stainless serving utensils, bowls & platters, and custom menu labels. Staff sets up menu items, then returns & breaks down at the end of the event. $150 minimum lunch, $200 minimum dinner

  • Full Service - starts at $4 per person, plus staff

    Food delivered & set up in stainless steel roll-top chafers, stainless serving utensils, bowls, & platters, with custom menu labels. Staff sets up menu items, maintains stationary food throughout the event, buses, maintains general cleanliness and breaks down. $150 minimum for lunch, $200 minimum for dinner.

  • Complex Specialty Events/Weddings - starts at $6 per person

    Includes plated and family style meals and other events that require additional coordination.

  • Staffing

    At lunch a minimum of 4 hours, at dinner a minimum of 5 hours. Servers/bartenders/cooks/bussers, $35 per hour per staff. Managers and chefs, $40 per hour.

  • Non-Alcoholic Beverages - $2 per person

    Unsweet tea, water, soft drinks, ice, straws, lemons, sweeteners

  • Coffee Service - $2 per person

    Includes regular coffee, decaf coffee, dispensers for coffee, half & half, stir sticks, sweeteners & paper cups.

  • Standard Bar Mixer Package - $2 per person

    Includes soft drinks (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr Pepper), club soda, tonic, orange juice, cranberry juice, lemons, limes, ice, bins for ice, standard bar tools (bar mats, shaker tins, pour spouts, stirrers), 9 oz clear plastic tumblers, 16 oz clear plastic cups and black cocktail napkins.

  • Travel Charge - $2.50 per mile

    Outside of a 10-mile radius from our office, roundtrip

  • Disposable Chafers - $15 each

    Wire racks, sternos, water pans

  • Real Chafers - $25 each

    Stainless steel chafing dishes, sternos, only applicable for drop-off service, included if there is a staff member staying

  • Eco-Friendly Disposable Dinnerware - $1.50 per person

    Casual eco-friendly plates, forks, knives, and napkins

  • Premium Disposable Dinnerware - $2 per person

    Clear plastic plates, silver-like forks & knives, black napkins

  • Real Dinnerware - pricing varies

    Plates, flatware, linen napkins, glassware

  • Tables/Chairs/Linens - pricing varies

    Coordinated through 3rd party rental company

  • Holidays

    All of these prices are subject to change based on holidays and demand.

  • Rush Pricing

    Your order may be subject to a rush order fee if we receive notice within 72 hours.

  • Late Changes

    Your order may be subject to a late change fee for any changes within one week of your event.

* (not including sales tax, staffing or service charges)
Make A Custom Menu
  • Contact us directly to create a custom menu!