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Our partnerships allow us to excel in reliable and efficient
service while promising amazing food quality & variety,
a combination unprecedented in the catering world.

It’s event catering in a whole new way


How Cohost Works


Step one Fill Us In

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How Cohost Works


Step two Follow Up

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How Cohost Works


Step three Hone In

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How Cohost Works


Step four Book & Pay

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How Cohost Works


Step five Relax

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The CoHosts

Here is the team that will be planning & managing your events.
In addition to planning & managing, you will also see us waiting tables,
bussing, bartending, plating menu selections, and washing dishes.

Jewel Square 2019

Jewel BriggsOwner, Operator, Fearless Leader

Jewel is and has been many things - a successful business owner, a wife, a mother, a server, a line cook, a hostess, and (unrelated to her long-standing career in hospitality), a radio personality. But she was always drawn to the fast paced craziness that thrives in the restaurant business. Being the daughter of an entrepreneur, she knew it was in her blood to forge her own path in an industry she so admired. While working at Cuba Libre Cafe, she seized the opportunity to develop their catering program. Jewel quickly realized her vision of meeting her client’s catering needs: lots of restaurants and lots of wonderful food. She loved her first event even more than the restaurant life and the rest is history! Outside of work, Jewel loves spending time with her husband, Marcus, and their 4 beautiful children. As a family they attend Watermark Community Church. Jewel loves Jesus, puzzles, escape rooms and movies… lots of movies.

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Marcus BriggsFleet and Equipment Director, Schmoozer

Marcus built and operated Cuba Libre's catering division from the very beginning with Jewel, and was instrumental in all points of growth with Cohost. He is currently responsible for all office/building/fleet projects. He fancies himself an amateur mechanic and handy man and is good at fixing just about anything that needs a little attention in the warehouse. As the official Schmoozer, he makes sure that our hosts and guests are care free, well fed, armed with a drink, and enjoying the event. He doesn’t spend a ton of time outside of work, but while he's here he sure likes to sing..... loudly. Marcus & Jewel are also married with four awesome young kids. It is all an adventure!

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Brittany CorralOffice Manager, Doer of all The Things

Brittany gained her Food and Beverage experience working in chain restaurants while pursuing higher education. Brittany had dreams of landing a career in the medical field, but quickly realized that wasn’t the path for her. With a passion for serving others, she eventually found a like-minded group here at Cohost. Here she takes charge of logistics and connecting each event with the perfect staff for the occasion and clientele. She also handles invoicing, Human Resources, online inquiries, and about one hundred other things. Thanks, Brittany. We salute you. Her Philosophy: “Lead by example - anything you would expect your team to do, be willing to do yourself. If your team can’t see that you’re willing to do whatever it takes, they won’t either.”