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Planning an event is a LOT so questions are going to come up.
Here are some that we frequently hear
throughout the planning process and on event day.
If you don't see your question here, contact us today!

  • How much will everything cost?
    Pricing will depend on service style needed, particular services needed, location (distance from our headquarters and the specifics of different venues) and time of year. There are a lot of factors to consider in pricing. We can't wait to hear all about your event so we can provide a proposal.
  • Do you provide rentals?
    Yes we do! See our collection HERE.
  • Where are you located?
    We currently have a warehouse in Fair Park at 1818 Chestnut St, Dallas, TX 75226. And our rental showroom is at 4101 Bryan St, Ste 160, Dallas, TX 75204. See that information HERE.
  • How long have you been in business?
    We formed our business in 2010. Our founders have been catering events since 2008 and were in the restaurants before that serving, bartending and managing since 2001.
  • What is Cohost?
    We are a non-traditional catering company that partners with the best restaurants in Dallas to produce events. They cook; we provide food transportation, equipment, staffing, bar and rentals. We are a rental company that provides event rentals to clients, venues, planners and other caterers. We are a bar service company that provides everything needed to provide a memorable bar experience for you and your guests.
  • What if I don't need catering, rentals AND bar?
    We would still love to work with you. We can provide any combination of services or just one of those!
  • Can you provide the alcohol?
    Yes we are excited that we are licensed to sell liquor, beer, and wine to our catering clients. We have packages for beer and wine only and full bars, and we have an excellent collection of signature cocktails. We still also offer the option for you to provide the alcohol and we provide everything else.
  • Are your bartenders TABC certified?
    Yes. Actually all of our staff is both TABC certified and hold a food handler's certificate.
  • What type of payment do you take?
    All credit cards and ACH. We can arrange for a check payment for non-profit organizations if there is sufficient time before the event.
  • Can I call and pay over the phone?
    Not at this time. We will send a link for you to enter your information to pay online.
  • How do I secure your services for my event?
    Two things - a 50% non-refundable payment (unless your event is happening soon, it will be 100%) and you're agreeing to our terms and conditions. When you are ready to book, we will send electronic links to take care of these items.
  • What is the production fee?
    The production fee covers the cost of the people & equipment needed to coordinate, plan & execute your event. This fee is subject to change upon increase in complexity of the event.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    This will all be outlined in your contract as well. All payments are non-refundable. Upon cancellation if it is before our cancellation deadline, we will cancel the event and any monies paid will be considered a credit that can be used for a future event, good for up to one year after the cancellation. The credit can be used for one or multiple events, or for rental or bar services. If the cancellation is within our cancellation deadline, there may not be cancellation allowed and will be based on the discretion of management (the determining factors are whether or not we are able to cancel with the restaurant which will depend on whether food was purchased and prepped, rentals and staff).
  • Do you send extra food like I have heard other caterers do?
    We send the quantity recommended for the guest count you give us. We have found that unless your group eats an exceptional amount, this is sufficient. We will send a total of 8oz of proteins per person and 8oz of sides per person (both split between the variety the menu has). So for example if you have two proteins, it will be 4oz of each one per person.
  • How will the food be served?
    In whatever way you prefer! We offer stationary and passed appetizers, buffet, family style, and plated full-service meals. For less formal occasions, we also offer a "Drop Set" buffet with disposable pans, chafers and utensils.
  • I have a restaurant already but they don't provide catering, and they aren't on your list, can you help?
    Yes! This happens often. You would coordinate the food order with the restaurant, we would receive the food at the event (or pick it up if needed), and provide all service equipment, staffing, bar and rentals.
  • I have a restaurant. How do I get on your list?
    The first step - you need to be one of the best restaurants in Dallas! Step two - please email us at for full information.
  • Do you offer tastings?
    Yes we can do tastings for some restaurants. (Example, one exclusion is The Slow Bone b/c they are too busy every second they are open). A few notes about tastings: The tasting fee varies by restaurant and can range from $100-$300 If the tasting occurs before booking with us, we will credit your total with us by up to $100. If the tasting occurs after booking with us, you will pay the difference of $100 and the total tasting fee. The fee includes two guests, in addition to your cohost Additional guests will be an additional charge If you want to setup tastings for more than one restaurant, there will be a new tasting fee each time The tasting fee does not include alcohol; if alcoholic beverages are ordered, the ordering party will be presented with a bill from the restaurant. Gratuity for the tasting (not alcohol) is included. The best times for tastings are usually Tuesday-Thursday between 2:00-4:00 but are subject to availability of the chef and Cohost. Alternatively, please feel free to visit our partner restaurants at your convenience, keep the receipt(s), and we’ll credit back up to $50 when you book with us.
  • Why is there a chef on my proposal if you get the food from restaurants?
    There are some menu items that require some food preparation on site. A lot of times, this involves appetizers that we transport deconstructed and then assemble on site. This is to maintain the integrity of the food or to keep certain items from getting soggy, dried out, or just not presentable. Other times, preparation is required on site due to the distance from the restaurant and the amount of time that occurs in between pickup and service. A great example is pizza. Unless pizza is served right away, we will pickup the pizza par cooked from the restaurant and finish on site in an oven, slice, and garnish before serving.
  • I only need staff for my event - will you help with that?
    Staffing only events are not our specialty but yes, sometimes we have availability. Since we focus on full service catering events, we will not book staffing only events earlier than 6 weeks out from the event date. It will depend on event volume and staff availability for the particular date.
  • What will the staff wear?
    We have two uniform options for full service events - both are all black. One is more formal - black button down shirts and black slacks. The other is still nice but a little more casual - black polos and black slacks. During the summer we may require that you allow our staff to wear the polos and slacks because... you know, Texas.
  • Why do I need servers if I'm doing a self serve buffet?
    'Server' is also sometimes called 'waiter', 'staff', or 'waitstaff' or to use restaurant terms - anyone in the front of house (not the kitchen or the bar). They do a lot apart from serving the food. They will set up and breakdown stationary food and beverages, maintain these items throughout the event, bus (or clear) dirty dishes/glassware/cups throughout the event, support the bar (if applicable), and maintain general cleanliness throughout the event. This is all necessary even if you have a self-serve buffet. The only time a server is not necessary is if we are doing drop-off service in all disposable serving dishes and you take care of the breakdown and cleanup.
  • Does my proposal include gratuity?
    In anticipation of excellent service, gratuity is included in the total. Additional gratuity may be paid in cash to your on site staff on the day of your event, or by requesting a separate invoice.

"Honestly, the best thing about Cohost was that I didn't have to think about, or worry about, ANYTHING that night."

- Anne Taylor | Bride | Las Colinas, TX

"The only thing I wish I knew in advance was how amazing they were going to be."

- Tiffany Heldenfels | Social Client | Dallas, TX

If you want to learn more about how together,
we will create a wildly successful event
, contact us today!

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