Cohost Teams Up With Ferris Wheeler’s Backyard and BBQ

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The barbecue gods live in the clouds of smoke that surround every grill and smoker, and they watch over each piece of meat that is cooked over coals or wood.  They swirl around, seeing that none of the sacred elements falls out of their favor: the cut of meat, the rub, the amount of smoke and the amount of time.  Should one of these elements falter, the gods render the meat unfit for human consumption.  But, if these elements are tended to carefully, they smile upon the cut, and bless it with flavor and texture. All of the love that has been put into its creation can be felt by the one lucky enough to taste the BBQ.  

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4 Signs You Should Cater Instead of Cook

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The word “party” should bring up images of contagious laughter and glorious fun. But when you end up doing all the planning, cooking and cleaning yourself it has a way of diminishing that fun factor of hosting a party. If you are contemplating whether you should cater or cook, check out these four signs to help you decide the direction of your next get together.

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Why This Backyard BBQ Was a Big Hit

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Something magical happens when hearty, hand-cut meats smothered in BBQ sauce mingle with the rich flavors of bourbon. Cohost Catering had the pleasure of catering a BBQ and Bourbon tasting for a distinguished Dallas resident. A combination of relaxation, food, and fun is the ultimate recipe for an entertaining backyard experience and that's exactly why we are sharing the secret ingredients for making your next backyard BBQ a big hit.

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